Learn About Living in Costa Rica

Learn About Living in Costa Rica

Over the years we have been asked many many times to provide ‘non touristy’ information to friends and clients that were considering on moving to and retiring in Costa Rica.

With pleasure we have always been happy to answer whatever questions in an informal way.

With the economic situation in the world today we are finding more and more clients and others contacting us for more and more specific and in depth information about Costa Rica.

The do’s and don’ts ~ the why’s and why nots ~ the what you should do and what you shouldn’t do ~ the specifics about this and the specifics about that!

We are always happy to assist; but as the questions are getting more involved; we decided that with our experience of being in and out of Costa Rica for the last 23 years and having lived here more than 14 years that we would offer the opportunity to show and talk to our friends about living in Costa Rica and more particularly the Central Valley and the areas around San Jose.

With this in mind we have created a private one day consultation and tour that will answer YOUR questions and take YOU and show you what YOU want to see.

The tour is available for single persons, couples, families and a small group of friends. The consultation and tour offers a lot of ‘insider’ info that does not come out until you have lived in Costa Rica for many years.

We will provide you information on all topics that you ask about and that we think that you may need to know. We will assist you completing your list of questions about Costa Rica that maybe you wanted to know, but forgot to ask.

We will go where you want to go and talk about the things that are important to you. The rate for the above day is $350.00 for the first person, and $100.00 each for each additional person including transportation, coffee break and lunch.

If you need an additional day the price for the additional day is one half of the above rate(s), but must be reserved at the time that you reserve your first day for this rate to be in effect.