Fresh Water Fishing
Fresh Water Fishing Packages

Fresh Water Fishing Packages

Costa Rica is renowned for its freshwater fishing opportunities and breathtakingly beautiful rivers and streams.

For the adventurous angler, fresh water fishing packages in Costa Rica offer a unique chance to experience some of the best fishing in Central America.

With diverse ecosystems featuring both tropical and temperate species, Costa Rica’s inland waterways offer a variety of thrilling catches, including blue-backed snook, striped mojarra, tarpon, rainbow bass and machaca.

Costa Rican waters also boast plentiful populations of panfish such as redeye bass and guapote. These small but powerful fish are widely sought after by serious sport fishermen due to their agility and fighting spirit.

In addition to these main game fish species, there are also a plethora of smaller fish inhabiting the streams and rivers such as shrimp, crabs and crayfish.

The experienced guides who lead freshwater fishing trips in Costa Rica understand the local areas intimately and know exactly where to find each different species of fish.

They can also provide essential tips for successful catches as well as advice on bait selection, casting techniques, tackle usage and more so that you get the most out of your trip.

In addition to unrivaled opportunities for catching a wide variety of fish species in pristine natural environments, freshwater fishing packages in Costa Rica offer amazing views over sparkling clear waters surrounded by lush jungle vegetation.

With secluded beaches nearby many spots also offer an idyllic setting to enjoy peace among nature while soaking up some sun between sessions of reeling in monster catches!