Caribbean Fishing
Caribbean Fishing Packages

Caribbean Fishing Packages

Fishing tours in Costa Rica are a great way to experience the country’s vibrant marine life and sports fishing opportunities.

There are companies that offer private and group charters, as well as custom packages for those looking for the ultimate fishing adventure.

In addition to providing a boat, captain and crew, these companies can also provide all the necessary tackle

Fishing tours in the Caribbean waters of Costa Rica provide an unforgettable experience for both beginner and experienced anglers.

Boasting year-round warm weather and crystal clear waters, this area is a mecca for sport fishing with plenty of opportunities to land some of the most sought after saltwater species.

From roosterfish to snapper, grouper to tuna, there is something for everyone.

Caribbean fishing packages offer the opportunity to explore the region’s best spots with experienced local captains and crew.

Tours generally include everything you need to make your excursion successful, such as a boat, tackle, bait, food and drinks – plus all necessary permits and licenses.

Guides will provide helpful tips and tricks while pointing out sights that you might otherwise miss – like hidden islands or hidden sea life!

When booking a Caribbean fishing package be sure to research the best season for catching your desired targets; big game fish such as marlin, sailfish and wahoo are often found between March through May while inshore species are more plentiful between August and November.

Additionally, many companies operating in Costa Rica promote catch-and-release policies in order to ensure its vibrant marine life continues to thrive.

This means anglers may have the chance to take home a few fish after they have been weighed and measured according to conservation efforts.

Costa Rican fishing charters are great way for both novice anglers as well as seasoned fishers looking for an exciting new adventure – with guided tours tailored specifically towards your needs!

From private yacht charters designed just for you, your family or friends; to larger group trips that promise an adrenaline packed day full of action – Caribbean fishing packages offer something special for everyone who loves being on (or near!) the water!

Barra del Colorado

Tackle-tearing tarpon, trophy snook, rainbow bass (guapote), mojarra, drum, alligator gar and a lot more!

Costa Rica offers the best year-round fishing for more species than you are likely to find anywhere else in the world.

But like anywhere else, you never know exactly where the fish are going to be concentrated at any given time.

Our fully outfitted 16-foot jon boats allow anglers to work the rivers and backwaters, while powerful 20 footers safely fish outside the river mouths for tarpon, tuna, jacks, sierra mackerel, dorado and maybe even a sailfish.

Experienced guides know the waters and the fishing, and we can even provide tackle, although we do recommend guests bring their own.

#31638C Wing International can provide a wide variety of tour packages and travel options. Below you will find a small sample of itineraries and prices.

We are able to arrange “special” tour packages and itineraries to meet your budget and needs.

We can arrange visits to National parks, Volcanoes, Rain Forests, Fishing, Eco-tours, Photography tours and many others.

Fishing Tours
5 Days, 3 Nights with 3 Days of Fishing
 DAY 1 Arrive in San José, transfer to a first class hotel. 
 DAY 2 Trip to the “Rain Goddess” via either overland travel by vans or bus through Barrillo Carrillo to Peurto Vieaux, or an early transfer to airport for 30 minute flight to Barra del Colorado, then by jungle bus boats to meet “Rain Goddess”, full day of fishing.
 DAY 3 Full day of fishing. 
 DAY 4 Full day of fishing. 
 DAY 5 Flight back to International Airport to make the connection for trip home.
Cost: $1,750 per person, $850 non anglers **
Additional fishing days $350 per day/per person.
Additional days non-fishermen $110 per day/per person.
7 Days, 5 Nights with 5 Days of Fishing
 DAY 1 Arrive in San José, transfer to a first class hotel. 
 DAY 2 Early transfer to airport for 30 minute flight to Barra del Colorado to meet “Rain Goddess”, full day of fishing.
 DAY 3 Full day of fishing. 
 DAY 4 Full day of fishing. 
 DAY 5 Full day of fishing. 
 DAY 6 Full day of fishing. 
 DAY 7 Flight back to International Airport to make the connection for trip home.
Cost: $2,250 per person, $1,070 non anglers **
Additional fishing days $350 per day/per person.
Additional days non-fishermen $110 per day/per person.
Nature Tours
3 Days, 2 Nights
 DAY 1 Early morning departure from San José for scenic drive across Braulio Carrillo National Park to Sarapiqui River to meet the San Juan River. Your Naturalist guide will show you the wild life and birds of the area during your 3 hour boat ride to the “Rain Goddess” at the mouth of the San Juan River. You will have lunch on board and then do a nature walk to the ruins of the old town and cemetery. San Juan del Norte was the starting point from where miners from Europe, Germany and U.S. crossed Central America to go to California and Alaska during the 1849 Gold Rush.
 DAY 2Full day of nature tours to explore the Indian River and Si a Paz National Park. This is the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua and the largest rain forest north of the Amazon. All meals are included, beer and soft drinks.
 DAY 3 Morning nature tours. Lunch at 11:30 a.m. and then we will return you to Puerto Viejo for the return to San José.
 Cost: $475 per person **
*All ground transportation in Costa Rica.
*Air travel to Barra del Colorado or trip to Puerto Viejo and river tour to “Rain Goddess”.
*All meals on “Rain Goddess”. Open bar: rum, vodka and whiskey (local brands). Complimentary wine is served with dinners.
Not Included
*Transportation to and from Costa Rica. *Tips to guides and crew.
*Borrowed rods and tackle that are lost, damaged or accidentally broken.
*$5.00 visa into Nicaragua.
*Phone calls made from “Rain Goddess” and articles of personal nature.
*Outbound overnight hotel stay in San José.
*Licenses and Fishing permits in Nicaragua’s National Park: $30.00 per person.
1. A $500 non-refundable deposit per person is required to confirm the reservation. 2. Reservations will be held for 15 days pending deposits. 3. Balance of trip payment is due 60 days prior to departure date. 4. If an angler cancels more than 60 days prior to departure, only the deposits submitted will be forfeited. 5. If cancellations are received less than 60 days prior to departure, but more than 30 days prior to departure, 50% of the total price of the trip is forfeited unless a replacement angler can be found for the same dates. 6. If cancellation is received 30 days or less prior to departure, the complete balance is forfeited unless a replacement angler can be found for the same dates. 7. Exclusive use of the “Rain Goddess”: A minimum of 8 people are required to have exclusive use of the “Rain Goddess”, boats and crew. And it has to be requested at the time the reservations are made.
What to Bring
 NOTE: Moderate cargo space is available aboard our in-country charter aircraft and our water taxi, therefore please limit your personal belonging to 25 lbs./person, a maximum of two rod tubes and one tackle box. Extra baggage can be stored in San José.
*PASSPORTAlthough Costa Rica requires only a birth certificate, drivers license or other means of official identification; it is very wise to carry a valid Passport with you.
*CLOTHING Lightweight trousers, shorts, long sleeve shirts for extra sun protection. Tennis shoes, hats, rain gear and sun screen.
*GRATUITIESOur staff is here to serve you and make your trip more interesting and pleasant. Recommended gratuities are: Guides $10 per day/per person, and $10 per day/per person to cover chef, captain, first mate. The above is a recommendation and Gratuities are left to your discretion and personal experience.

Fishing Tackle
*Tarpon tackle 6 to 7 foot heavy action rod with reel capable of holding 200 to 250 yards of 20 to 25 pounds test line. Extra terminal leader material (80 lb. minimum recommended).
*Lures Coast hawks, 2 oz. multicolor. Buck tail jigs 1 1/2 to 2 oz. multicolor with jelly tails in red-yellow-orange-white. Rapalas #11 and #14, sinking and floating in red-white/#31638C and green mackerel. Mirror lures, M65 in Fire Tiger, #31638C, White, Silver combination, Red, Yellow and Gold combination.
*Fly fishing tackle for tarpon 9 foot #11 or #12 fly rods for 12 weight line. Sinking fly lines of
600 grain density compensated sinking and depth charge or straight lead core lines and shooting heads work well fishing at the mouth of the rivers or out in the deeper saltwater. In the rivers a medium or intermediate sinking fly line works best. There are times when a floating WF fly line may work better, especially if the fish are taking poppers or surface feeding. Fly Reels must have sturdy drags with direct or anti-reverse drivers, be saltwater resistant and have a backing capacity of more than 250 yds. Bring sufficient leader material for building your choice of leaders. The minimum recommendation is a 20 lb. tippet utilizing an 80 lb. shock.
*Fly fishing lures for tarpon Whistler or Clouser tied streamers in colors White/Silver, Orange/Black, White/Yellow, #31638C/White or Cockroach patterns with buck tail/feather, buck tail/rabbit fur are good producers of positive strikes. Most streamer flies should be weighted. Flashabou is optional and utilize a 3/0 saltwater hook. Large poppers are good if the fish are feeding on the surface.
*Tackle for snook Medium action rod and reel with capacity to hold 150 yards of 15 to 17 pounds test line.
*Lures for snook Red and white in Mirror Lures. Rapalas and Rattle Traps in Fire Tiger, #31638C/Silver and Orange colors work well. Small to medium (3/4 to 1 ounce) buck tail jigs with jelly tails. Surface plugs such as Creek Chub Darters in red and white, Sosin Jumpin Minnow in red and yellow and Zara Spooks in #31638C and white are also good.
*Fly tackle for snook 9 foot #8 or #9 fly rods for 8 or 9 weight density compensated sinking or Hi-D line or when fishing from the beach it would be best to use Hi-D or Floating Shooting Heads. Reels capable of handling 150 yards of 20 lb. backing with 12 to 15 lb. tippet and 40 lb. shock rigged according to angler’s desire.
*Guapote Bass Mojarra and Machaca Light to ultra light bass tackle, 6 to 12 pound line.
*Lures Poppers, small rapalas and cray fish, crank baits; spinner baits in multicolor. General Bass tackle works well.
*Fly fishing tackle 7 to 9 foot #4 to #8 fly rods for 4-8 weight WF floating fly lines. When using large popping bugs or on windy days, a bug taper is advised. Multicolored, natural cork and foam bodied poppers sized 4, 6, 8 with rubber legs are popular. Pencil, Slider and hair bodied poppers are sometimes very productive in color of Black/Yellow, Orange/Red, Yellow/Black and Chartreuse. Machaca fishing requires using a short piece of light wire shock leader because of its teeth. Poppers with long shank hooks are also preferred.
Wet flies are also used and are very productive when the mojarra and machaca fail to strike the poppers. Small streamers in yellow, red and tinsel color combinations are effective. Shrimp flies in beige, brown and gray produce when the fish are feeding deep. Yellow nymphs, small Clousers in size 8 hooks are also effective.
*NOTE Rods and reels are available on a loan basis, but a replacement fee will be charged if damaged, lost or broken. All lost or severely damaged lures are charged at replacement cost.
These recommendations are made by your hosts and fly fishing experts based on our experience and it is intended to aid you in your tackle selection.
We welcome any additional inquiries in regards to tackle.

The lodge

The Rio Colorado Lodge is built on the banks of the Colorado River, right at its mouth where it empties into the sea and where fishing is frequently the best.

The whole complex is built on stilts, elevating it from the ground and is under cover, shielding it from the rain. Rooms are double roofed, providing a cooling, insulating effect for your comfort.

Even the walkways and dock are roofed for your convenience. 18 comfortable rooms NOW AIR-CONDITIONED (the only East Coast lodge with air-conditioned rooms).

All have private baths, hot showers, electric fans and daily maid service (we can also take care of your laundry).

Meals are served family style, all you care to eat, and the cuisine at the Rio Colorado Lodge has earned high praise from ardent fishermen from around the world.

There is a comfortable recreation room with game tables, and you’ll find a new video room with satellite TV, telefax equipment, a very well stocked tackle shop and ample outdoor lounging areas, and a very interesting zoo.

We have a fu lly stocked bar with drinks at reasonable prices. Our daily Happy Hour is from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., when all rum drinks and soft drinks are “on the house.”


The following prices will be effective September 1, 2003. Please NOTE we now offer all inclusive packages as well as our original packages.


Package Cost and DurationFull Fishing DaysPer Person Double OccupancySingle Angler SoloDouble Occupancy DeluxeSingle Angler Deluxe
6 Days / 5 Nights3$1632.00*$1882.00**$1925.00*$2161.00**
7 Days / 6 Nights4$2047.00*$2338.00**$2395.00*$2645.00**
8 Days / 7 Nights5$2462.00*$2792.00**$2890.00*$3170.00**

*For single room in San Jose add $160.00 per person.
**Single room in San Jose included.
ONLY DELUXE accommodations include Fishing License, Fishing Lures and Beverages.
GRATUITIES are NOT included in any prices.

Individual cost. These apply when the complete services of a package are not desired.

Standard Daily Rate, Per Person, Double Occupancy$425.00Includes: Lodging, meals, 8 hours fishing & happy hour.
Standard Daily Rate, Per Person, Single Occupancy$455.00Includes: Lodging, meals, 8 hours fishing & happy hour.
Deluxe One Day Fishing
First Day, PP, DBL
Additional Days/Each

Includes: Lodging, meals, 8 hours fishing, license, tackle/lures, & open bar.
Deluxe Single Angler Day 1

Additional Days/Each

Includes: Lodging, meals, 8 hours fishing, license, tackle/lures, & open bar.
Fishing License – 3 Days
More than 3 Days
Depends on number of days fishing.
Round Trip flight
Sansa or Nature Air
Per person/depart SJO 6AM, arrive SJO 7:30AM – 25# LIMIT.
Ground transfers
Per person/Per Transfer
NON Fishing Daily Rate, PP$120.00Includes: Lodging & meals
Deluxe NON Fishing Daily Rate, PP$170.00Includes: Lodging, meals, & full open bar
Jungle Adventure Tour,
Two days, one night, PP
$196.004 Person Min. Includes: Lodging, meals & transportation

*For single room in San Jose add $160.00 per person.
**Single room in San Jose included.

The above prices include boat service to all the popular fishing grounds, the canals, rivers, lagoons, etc. and the Caribbean too. If your party wants to venture forth to more remote areas such as Nicaragua and you notify the Lodge manager a day in advance, for a fee of $50.00 extra per boat, we will be happy to provide you with a full day of uninterrupted fishing from 6:00 A.m. until 3:00 P.M. with a box lunch furnished.

Non-fishing guests are welcomed at the Lodge at a rate of $100.00 per day.


Fishing shoes and extra pair. Sunscreen, insect repellent, rain gear, camera and plenty of film, shorts, T-shirts, fishing hat, light weight, long sleeve shirt and pants for sun protection. Medicines, personal items, and a flashlight.

Rio Indio Adventure Lodge

Located on the banks of the San Juan River , a gateway to the wild and virtually unexplored Rio Indio-Maiz Biological Reserve in southeastern Nicaragua.Tropical lowland forest, mangrove estuaries, mile upon mile of jungle waterways, lagoons and pristine Caribbean beaches make exploring the reserve a truly unique and remarkable experience. With more than 600 species of birds and 200 species of mammals, the area is the ultimate destination for ecotourists seeking adventure at its bests.Rio Indio Adventure Lodge
Rio Indio Adventure LodgeThe lodge was built in keeping with the surrounding environment. Designers took advantage of the directional trade winds, arc of the sun and shade of the surrounding giant tropical hardwood trees to give visitors the maximum comfort available in the lowland rain forest. Thatched-roof walkways between the lodge and the spacious guest bungalows traverse above the jungle floor. Walking to your room can be a wonderful experience as numerous butterflies, tanagers, hummingbirds, honeycreepers, toucans, and other strange and interesting creatures fly, hop and crawl amidst the surrounding vegetation.
The rustic elegance of the lodge is simply striking. The main dining room, lounge bar and reception are done in solid oak. Cable television, satellite telephones and e-mail service are available to our guests, nevertheless, our hope is that you will leave that world behind and discover everything that makes Rio Indio naturally magical.Rio Indio Adventure Lodge
Facilities: Lobby bar, gourmet restaurant, pool bar, disco, swimming pool, Direct TV in our lobby bar, satellite phones, laundry, room service, tour desk, baby sitter service.
Rio Indio Adventure LodgeACCOMMODATIONS:
Premium rooms (64), 600 sq. feet, two queen beds, bathroom with shower, hot water, balcony overlooking the lagoon, two ceiling fans, safety box and telephone
Nuptial Cottage, 600 sq. feet, king bed, bathroom with shower, hot water, balcony overlooking the lagoon with jacuzzi, two ceiling fans, safety box and telephone.
You have landed in a heavenly place. A vast 2600 km (991 sq.mi) emerald of Caribbean tropical rainforest teeming with wildlife, the Great Río Indio-Maiz Nature Reserve and hidden away at the heart of it is Río Indio Adventure Lodge, where nature created an exotic universe of biodiversity to which we added comfort, hospitality and adventure.! Enclosed find among the following tours that we have for your complete amusement in communion with natureRio Indio Adventure Lodge
At Rio Indio you have the opportunity to fish on the San Juan River waters. Check our fishing packages. Land – Acuatic Transportation
You will be picked up by our comfortable mini buses in any of the hotels between San Jose and Puerto Viejo, Sarapiqui and will enjoy the beautiful 1 hour and 30 min trip along the Braulio Carrillo highway. Upon arrival in Puerto Viejo you will board a riverboat and transverse the rivers Sarapiqui and San Juan until you arrive at the Rio Indio Corn Reserve, where the lodge is located.

Air – Acuatic Transportation
Pick up at any hotel in the San Jose Metropolitan area and transfer to either Tobias Bolanos airport or the International Airport Juan Santa Maria. From there you will board a 45min flight to Barra del Colorado, where you will board a riverboat and travel through the Colorado and San Juan rivers to the lodge.

2006 RATES

Deposit Required for the Rio Indio Lodge:

The Rio Indio Lodge requires a non-refundable deposit of $750 per person to initiate a reservation.

Final payments are due 60 days prior to departure.

A reservation is not confirmed until deposits are received. Rio Indio Lodge Fishing Package Includes:
* Reception at airport in San Jose and transfer to hotel
* First night hotel in San Jose
* Round-trip charter flights to the Rio Indio Lodge
* Overnight accommodations at the Rio Indio Lodge
* Meals & beverages at the Rio Indio Lodge * National alcoholic beverages
* Guided fishing (2 anglers per boat)

Not included in the Rio Indio Lodge Package:
Airfare to San Jose, Costa Rica;
Fishing license and park permits $35 per angler;
Park permit for non-angler $10;
Meals in San Jose; Gratuities;
Additional hotel stays in San Jose;
Airport departure taxes;
Any purchases made in Costa Rica.

The Rio Indio Lodge Fishing Season:

Although considered a year-round fishery, historically, weather and water levels are best from September until May. August to October are prime for tarpon and big snook.

November to January marks the fat (calba) snook run, while January to May is the dry season when tarpon, snook, rainbow bass and majorra are numerous.
Length of Fishing PackagePrice of Fishing Package
3 Day$2250 Per Person Double Occ.
4 Day$2750 Per Person Double Occ.
6 Day$3545 Per Person Double Occ.